Jean-Pierre Thomesse receives the 2014 ABB Lifetime Contribution to Factory Automation Award

Prof. Jean-Pierre Thomesse, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France, received the 2014 ABB Lifetime Contribution to Factory Automation Award.

The Award, established by the ABB Corporate Research and IES Technical Committee on Factory Automation, is presented to individuals in grateful recognition of their lifetime contribution to the factory and industrial automation field, for meritorious technical contribution and technical leadership. The Award presentation ceremony took place at the 19th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation in Barcelona, Spain, on September 18, 2014. The award was presented by Dr. Johan Åkerberg of ABB Corporate Research, Västerås, Sweden.

Prof. Jean-Pierre Thomesse, during over 30 years of activity, pionereed in the conception, design and standardization of modern automation networks, in particular WorldFIP.

Prof. Thomesse made an outstanding contribution to the fieldbus area – specifically FiP and World FIP.
In 1982, Prof. Thomesse was the leader of a french WG for the ministry of research and industry, with the mission to create a new operating system for distributed instrumentation. As CPM appeared at this moment as the OS standard for PCs, it was requested : "you have to build the CPM of instrumentation".
In 1985, he become Director of a non profit association created to promote FIP concepts and to develop products and systems. He held this position till 1995. The FIP Club and next WorldFIP Club grouped over 40 companies at the beginning. In 1995, the association was composed of more than 100 companies and 20 labs.
As the association´s Director, Jean-Pierre Thomesse formed national WorldFIP centers all over the world, to mention WorldFIP Europe, WorldFIP US, WorldfFIP Italy, WorldFIP UK, and WorldFIP China, which were agencies of the global WorldFIP.
As the Director, he was also involved in the coordination of diverse technical and marketing working groups, representatives in standards committees, and engineers of the competence centres, as well as members.
In 1986 , he created WorldWIP competence centre in Nancy, to become also its Director. This centre was involved in the development of different software tools for teaching, experimentation and integration of the first FIP IC’s in the final products and systems.
Since 1988, Jean-Pierre Thomesse was a member of IEC WG on fieldbus, member of ISA (in USA), member of ISO TC 186 on Time Critical Communication Systems. JP Thomesse was the French observer in the German DKE Technical committee.
In parallel, his research group at the Univ of Lorraine contributed to the conception and evolution ISA – IEC standards.
In addition to the standardization activities, he coordinated the promotion of WorldFIP at shows and industrial conferences such as Interkama in Germany, BIAS in Italy, ISA shows in the US, Automation and Mesucora in France.
Jean-Pierre Thomesse received in 1974 doctoral degree for thesis on “remote execution of routines, and in 1980 Thèse d’état for thesis on distributed system for real time control applications
1984 : With a co-author Dominique Galara from EDF, he published a white book in 1984. The white book presented the main ideas of FIP. And had as objective, the mobilisation of companies and of public authorities to invest in the project.